Newsletter, Winter 2015

Hello world!

I have seen the need for a quarterly newsletter. There are so many people involved peripherally in my career that deserve to see the big picture. So here it is! Volume 1, issue 1.

I am excited by the sheer number of fantastic things happening in my trumpeting career lately. Just in the last month or so, I have been admitted to the trumpet seminar at the Center for Advanced Musical Studies at Chosen Vale, and I am a semi-finalist for the New World Symphony in Miami, FL. I have just secured confirmation for the sixth piece written for me that will ultimately be funneled into my DMA project, which will be a CD and tour of all of this fantastic new music. These are all fantastic victories for me, and I am very proud. I have outstanding applications with a number of other organizations as well, so stay tuned for information on all of that.

In general, my doctorate is going well. I have scheduled a recital for April 20 and I am still picking repertoire. I know it will be Tomasi and a piece by John Cheetham called “Contraptions” that I helped commission while at UMKC. I am playing around with repertoire beyond that. I have always wanted to play rotary trumpet on a recital so I am leaning toward that. I am part of a quintet at CCM tentatively named “Brass Balls.” I have been involved with many, many chamber music projects, and I am happy to say that, with this one, we could go wherever we collectively want.

It is great to see all of my colleagues at UMKC, University of Miami, and CCM achieving lots of success on the trumpet and I have tried to keep in touch with many of them. It is a pleasure watching my friends succeed as well.

Everybody that knows me knows that my long-term goal is to continue Fulbright. My DMA project is really the crux of my application, so I will keep you all updated especially on that front. Right now, everything is progressing very nicely.

Alright, that’s the two cent version. More later!