Summer Update

by andybharms

I know it is a bit early for a new update, but I can’t wait to fill you in on what is happening this Summer!

I am recording my first solo CD in June, with the help of the brilliant Paul Poston (and two of whose works will be featured). On the CD will be the aforementioned two works for trumpet and live electronics by by Paul; the amazing violinist/accordionist/folk musician, a Michigander and Princetoner, Annika Socolofsky; a minimalistic work for trumpet/saxophone/percussion/trumpet by the talented Daniel Harrison; an exciting narrative work about haunted New Orleans by the phenomenal opera-trained pianist Stephen Variames; two transcriptions from the late Jeff Buckley’s repertoire; and a commission from my time at UMKC, for the UMKC trumpet studio, a collection of miniatures by John Cheetham entitled “Contraptions.” My collaborators and I have been doing opportunistic performances of many of the works already, with great results, and I am excited to get the opportunity to share these works with the music community.

Second, I am booked up for my umpteenth trip to Germany. This time, I am staying in Karlsruhe for the month of July, and have trips planned for Trossingen, Munich, Stuttgart, and Geneva. The main thrust of this trip is to continue some of the research I had started on several years ago, although these new works and some of the more established works by Erickson, Stockhausen, Plog, and others, will be getting added to the mix. I will be exploring a type of music called Intuitive Music (which you heard some of, if you caught my recital), and exploring why German musicians and orchestras program so much more vividly than elsewhere. I am also foraging for new research angles, as always, and hope to touch base with some of my contacts from last time. I also generally plan on vacationing and look forward to much hiking, climbing, skiing, running, and whatever my little brain thinks sounds fun.

Lastly, but actually firstly, I am involved with this year’s ITG conference in a stage manager capacity (putting those Blue Lake and CCM skills to good use!), and look forward to connecting with some great friends as well as meeting some new ones.