For Sale

Hello! From time to time, I happen across a great deal on a great trumpet or trumpet accessory. I am not much of a gear head and like the equipment I already own, but I keep an eye out for items I can loan and resell to students and friends when the time comes. These items are all things professional orchestral players can and do use every day. When you buy these items, you are getting things that I myself would be very happy owning and using.


  • Blackburn/Bach C trumpet, $1650

Used Blackburn conversion Bach C trumpet, with raw brass Blackburn Ambronze .024 MD19 bell, a raw brass 19X350 lead pipe, and a rounded tuning slide. Blackburn parts are in excellent condition and original Bach parts are silver-plated and in good condition, with two small stubborn tarnish spots on the valve casing. No case or mouthpiece.

The horn plays great. Slotting is excellent and it is probably the most in-tune C trumpet I have played. Pictures upon request.

  • Benge 4P piccolo trumpet in A/Bb, $1350

Lightly used Benge piccolo, a modern make of the famous old Benge. Short bell, both original lead pipes. There is one minor repair spot: a dent was taken out of the bell bow haphazardly. It takes a good look to see, and if one were so inclined one could take it into a repair store and have it removed completely. Otherwise, instrument is like new. Black hardshell case included.

The horn plays great; it has a very clear sound and intonation is very good. It works well with a Bach 7D mouthpiece. I would play this piccolo especially for modern works that require a nimble responsive horn with plenty of presence. The high register is eerily good on this horn– I find it is more in-tune and responsive E and above than on the C and D going up. The only other horns you should be considering at this price point are the short-bell Yamaha (which is a copy of this horn) or a Getzen. Do not even THINK about getting an old Selmer over this one!