I teach each student individually, using a combination of traditional repertoire, etudes, excerpts, and studies that fit his or her goals, and often assign readings from literature, articles, and assignments from other disciplines based on students’ learning styles and academic focuses. I consider lessons/school far too expensive to waste time, and an efficient study and etude schedule is maintained to ensure structure and steady progress. I also require my students to execute personal goal-setting, inquiry, and critical thinking, and I prioritize analytical and interpersonal skills in the long-term. I encourage outside interests in my students, especially foreign language study and competitive intramural individual and team activities to maintain a balanced lifestyle and a healthy mind. My students often achieve success in performance areas beyond my idiom (e.g., I do not play jazz, yet I have had many successful jazz students), and so the learning environment is truly one of collaboration rather than strict authority.

For lessons, please contact me at andybharms at gmail dot com. I teach all ages, and happily offer one free trial lesson to any interested parties.

Required Lesson Texts

Getchell, First Book of Practical Studies
Bordogni, Etudes (can be found here)
Arban, Complete Conservatory Method
Clarke, Technical Studies for Cornet
Wurm, 40 Etudes for Trumpet

Other Texts

Goldman, Practical Studies for Cornet
Brandt, Orchestral Etudes for Trumpet
Campos, Trumpet Technique

Other texts will be assigned based on individual need. Copies of an etude can be made on a fair-use basis.